Packing tapes

Packing tapes

A necessary solution for your business.

We offer the highest quality packaging tapes, designed with your needs in mind, regardless of whether you run a small business, an online shop or a shipping company.

Adhesive tape is an indispensable product when preparing shipments – regardless of the type of packaging chosen, appropriate sealing prevents the parcel from opening automatically during storage or transport.

What packing tapes can you find with us?

  • packing tapes with natural rubber adhesive – flexible, fast and very adhesive. They are resistant to moisture, they withstand minus temperatures. Perfect for all types of cardboard boxes,
  • packing tapes with acrylic adhesive – ideal for light and medium cardboard boxes, resistant to UV rays and ageing. Perfect for the office.

Packing tapes – a universal product

Product transport

Packing tapes are essential for sealing parcels and boxes to ensure their safety during transport.


You can easily protect products against dust, UV rays and other harmful factors and mark stored parcels.


Tapes are commonly used in the manufacturing industry to secure products during production.

Packaging marking

Colourful packing tapes can decorate your parcels and emphasise the characteristic colours of your company.

Packing tapes – what are the benefits?

Our tapes are also available with a custom print, thanks to which you will take care of the original advertisement of your company and build brand awareness among new and future customers.

Want to know more? Contact us today and take care of every stage of product packing in your company!

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