Polyethylene foam

Polyethylene foam

The best packaging and transport solution.

Goods damaged during storage and transport are a huge problem for many companies – fortunately, there is a simple solution. High-quality polyethylene foam will ensure that your products reach your customers in perfect condition, thanks to its unrivalled impact resistance and cushioning properties.

The polyethylene foam we offer is a material made up of separate cells with a closed structure, which is perfect for protecting various types of goods. In this way, you can guarantee your customers that purchased products will arrive intact, without damage or scratches to the surface.

Polyethylene foam is lightweight, very flexible and easy to use. But that is not all – its characteristic feature is chemical neutrality and resistance to moisture, which provides maximum protection and ensures that the packaged products do not react in any way.

Polyethylene foam – applications

  • Protection of furniture and wooden elements – the products we offer, such as polyethylene foam in rolls, will protect furniture against scratches and damage.
  • Protection of delicate items – polyethylene foam will protect ceramics, glass, car parts and many other items.
  • Packing electronics and household appliances – using polyethylene foam, you will provide customers with a product without any flaws.
  • Construction industry – polyethylene foam will also serve as thermo-acoustic insulation of ceilings.

Why choose our polyethylene foam?

Opt for a solution that is tailored to your packaging and transport needs. Contact us and you will be guaranteed that your products will be safe and meet the requirements of your customers.

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