Printed packing tapes

Printed packing tapes

Something more than safety.

Reliable and effective protection of packaging, boxes and cardboard boxes is essential in your industry? However, you expect something more and want your products to impress customers even before opening the parcel? A good way to achieve such an effect will be our printed adhesive tapes.

Packing tapes  are an essential element used in warehouses, online shops and shipping companies. Although their primary role is to seal and protect the parcel, they can play an additional, very important role – an advertising medium.

Our durable and strong logo tapes are an easy way to raise the prestige of your company and stand out from the competition. Thanks to them, you will provide customers with important information, such as the website address, assortment, logo or encouraging advertising slogan.

Printed adhesive tapes – a wide range of applications

  • Safe shipping of each parcel – shipments covered with printed tape will help identify the contents of the parcel and make sure that it reaches its destination safely.
  • Transport of delicate products – adhesive printed tapes can fulfil an informative function when transporting delicate items, e.g. with the inscription ‘Caution! Glass’ or ‘Do not throw’.
  • Original advertising – printed packing tape is a perfect example of using advertising space, guaranteeing brand awareness among customers and standing out from the competition.

Adhesive logo tapes – a guarantee of many benefits

Do you care not only about aesthetics and brand recognition, but also about the safety of shipments? In our offer you will also find sealing labels with a VOID inscription 

Want to learn more and place an order? Contact us – we will answer all your questions and start working on your printed packing tape!

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