Sealing labels leaving a VOID inscription

Protect your parcels from tampering with our easy-to-use VOID sealing labels.

Are you looking for effective ways to protect your goods? One of the best solutions to protect yourself against manipulation and fraud is the use of sealing labels with a VOID inscription. Your products will reach your customers intact, and you will gain peace of mind and the guarantee that everything is under 100% control.

VOID sealing labels are a solution that protects goods against premature opening. If an unauthorised person wants to get into a given parcel and breaks the seal, the packaging will be marked with ‘VOID’ or other inscriptions, e.g. ‘OPENED’ or ‘TAMPERED’. Labels are most often made of metallised polyester (PET) films.

The use of this type of label will discourage potential criminals from tampering with the contents of the parcel, as they will be aware that any fraud will be noticed immediately.

The use of VOID sealing labels

  • Shipping of goods and logistics – sealing labels with a ‘VOID’ inscription can be used to secure parcels during transport, ensuring that they remain sealed until they reach their destination.
  • Retail and e-commerce – labels are suitable for securing a wide variety of items such as electronics, medicine, perfumes and other high-value items. Packing products with a VOID security seal will effectively prevent theft.
  • Banking and Finance – VOID sealing label will protect confidential financial documents, such as bank statements or cheques, preventing unauthorised access.
  • Protection of finished products during the guarantee period – breaking the VOID seal will void the guarantee.

VOID sealing labels – what benefits will they bring to your company?

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